KF Newsletter 2017-1

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The Recent Seminars 

It has been quite a while since the last newsletter but we have had a great deal more e-mail messages to keep everyone informed of the events and happenings. We had an action packed year starting with Sing Ong Tai Chi Student Camp in Auckland in March, followed Prof. Yek’s and Michael Shi Ye’s excellent seminars at HQ in May. 

The regional seminars and gradings were very successful with huge interest from the senior members. It is good to see the steady progress and enthusiasm at all the regions.

Our Annual Seminars at Queen’s Birthday weekend went very well with good numbers attending even though it was very close to the SOTC seminar at HQ. 

In the Tai Chi seminar we worked on Yin/Yang in the hands and rear leg Jing. The level 1 instructors had a session on the sword form, circling & following hands and some fixed pushing hands. In the Shao Chi Chuan session we concentrated on partner stretching, spinning cross, counter kicks and faking attacks. The Black Belts practised Fa Jing, circling & following hands and 1st & 2nd degree pressure points techniques.


Annual Tournament

The Annual Tournament was one of the best in recent years. We had a 60% increase in participation which made the weight, grade and age range in the divisions a lot narrower for better competition. The overall strategies in fighting were of a slightly higher level. The attitude and conduct of all competitors were very good. Even with many more fights to be staged the officials and helpers ran the event very smoothly. Even though it was a bitterly cold day we had a great tournament and party afterwards. We really appreciate the effort of the instructors and students who had to travel from great distances to be there.


Tournament Results

Children <9yr < 31kg
Champion: Rose Chappell - HQ
2nd: Kiah Ashwell - HQ
3rd: Lauren Howell - HQ

Girls <12yr <37kg
Champion: Kaiya Woodhouse - HQ
2nd: Isla Howell - HQ

Girls <12yr <41kg
Champion: Abbie Haselden - Lincoln
2nd: Amber Houghton - Rangiora
3rd: Sophie Lee Broome - Hornby

Boys <12yr <47kg
Champion: Luca Gilroy - Papanui
2nd: Gibson Ross - HQ
3rd: Moa Jarrari - HQ

Boys <13yr <47kg
Champion: Leif McGuinniety - West Melton
2nd: Reuben Clarkson - HQ
3rd: Will Schuck - Invercargill
Plate: Josh Moffitt - Lincoln

Boys <13yr <59kg
Champion: Fiach Gahan - Lower Hutt
2nd: Tiger McCrae - West Melton

Youth Int. <66kg
Champion: David Neal - Lincoln
2nd: Josh Brink - Hornby

Girls <66kg
Champion: Lexi Clarkson -HQ
2nd: Elizabeth Steele - Hornby
3rd: Emma Haselden - Lincoln

Adv. Men <66kg
Champion: Manu Francios - HQ
2nd: Jack Fensom - Parklands

Adv. Women <68kg
Champion: Cora McCauley - Lower Hutt
2nd: Lois Bason - HQ

Int. Men <75kg
Champion: Jack Lane - Nelson
2nd: Gary Steele - Hornby
3rd: Calvin Spain - Lower Hutt

Adv. Men <75kg
Champion: Jhaleen Charman - Rangiora
2nd: Adam Richards - University of Canterbury

Int. Women <91kg
Champion: Anastasia Boulais - HQ
2nd: Eva Lemmen - HQ

Int. Men Heavy Weight
Champion: Dougal Gilroy - Papanui
2nd: Jamie Scott - HQ
3rd: Troy Keen - West Melton 
Plate: Leon Chambers - Rangiora

Adv. Men Heavy Weight
Champion: Bryn Gilbertson - Lower Hutt
2nd: Brad Turner - Hornby
3rd: Jeremy Elrick - HQ

Black Belt 
Champion: Chris McKenzie - Hornby
2nd: Victor McCarthy - HQ
3rd: Ben Nimmo - Kelburn

Children Forms
Champion: Ruby McNiven - HQ
2nd equal: Isla Howell - HQ
2nd equal: Will Schuck - Invercargill

Int. Forms
Champion: Anastasia Boulais - HQ
2nd: Jack Lane - Nelson

Adv. Forms
Champion: Sarah Jamieson - HQ
2nd: Lexi Clarkson - HQ
3rd: Bryn Gilbertson - Lower Hutt

Black Belt Forms
Champion: Ben Nimmo - Kelburn
2nd: Matthew Nauschutz 


Women Self Defence

Last month we had forty four women attend our self-defence seminar. The group was composed of our members, family and some of their friends. Mr David Joker of the Police Force once again presented part of the seminar giving us his valuable professional advice. This year we expanded our seminar to cover possible terrorist attacks.


Kids Day Out

With over 40 young members attending at HQ there was training, games with prizes and an exciting lolly scramble. After the games the young members were taken to Flip Out Trampoline Park where they bounced around with joy and had Pizza.

Thanks to all the parents who helped out with transport and supervision during the day and a special thanks to our instructors who volunteered their time to help out: Miss Amanda Ellis, Mrs Lois Bason, and Miss Lexi Clarkson.


Sydney Seminar

The Sydney seminars last weekend were very enjoyable as always. We had quite a number of instructors and students travelled over from NZ to attend the seminars. Shi Ye Michael elaborated on relaxing and being stable. He also demonstrated his powerful Jing release again and had everyone trying it. We also worked on fixed pushing hands. We had an instructor Shao Chi Chan session on the Friday night and the whole of Sunday for everyone. We covered a wide range of topics, everyone was seen to improve as the seminar went. Miss Suyi Chan organised the seminars and planned all the eating locations for breakfasts, lunches and dinners which we thoroughly relished. We are planning to have Annual Camp there next year so start making plans now.


Mongol Rally

Michelle Wilson who has just completed her PhD and graded to brown tip is sponsored by Chans Martial Arts to take part in the Mongol Rally. It starts in London and ends in Mongolia. It is also a fund raiser for a couple of very good causes. Please check out: “Pirates of the Car I Be In - Mongol Rally 2017” on Facebook. We wish her team the best of luck for the rally.


Annual Camp

Next month’s annual camp will be held at HQ. As usual it will be one of the most important events of the year as it is where we standardise our techniques, compare notes and exchange ideas with Laoshi, Shi Xiong-Te and Shi Je-Mei. It is where important messages, new techniques and drills are introduced. It is also a time where we can immerse ourselves totally in Kung Fu for a few days. We always have a great time catching up and training with old comrades and new students.

It is also an important opportunity for the senior instructors to observe the technical ability, mental and physical strength, attitude and conduct of the potential candidates for senior grading.

I hope everyone will do their best to attend this year’s camp. It is particularly important for Laoshis and Black Belts to be up to date with the changes in the advanced syllabus and latest teaching methods.


May Chi be with you,   

Grandmaster SC Chan




Coming Events


29th July: Nelson KF Grading & Seminar

30th July: Nelson TC Grading & Seminar

6th August: Canterbury KF Grading

8th August: Canterbury TC Ex. grading

18th, 19th & 20th August: Annual Camp at HQ

23rd & 24th Sept: Auckland SOTC Grading & Seminar

10th Oct: Canterbury TC Ex Grading

14th Oct: Canterbury & West Coast combined training

21st Oct: Canterbury KF Grading

28th Oct: Wellington KF Grading & Seminar

29th Oct: Wellington TC Ex Grading & Seminar: