KF Newsletter 2017-2

Chans Martial Arts News

CMA 17- 02                                                                       29th Sept 2017


Annual Camp

In spite of the change of dates which had caused many people to rebook their flights and other arrangement we still managed to have a good number attending camp. The camp commander Nick Haslett Laoshi (Papanui) and his helpers did a great job organising everything.

We enjoyed being totally immersed in training all weekend. By taking training seriously it produces a very different result from a loose and casual approach. We encouraged everyone to conduct themselves formally and stay focused throughout the camp. It is hoped that this practice will be adopted in all classes at Chans Martial Arts.

We have changed our techniques, syllabus radically over the last forty two years. However, I believe that many long-time practitioners still train the same way as they have been training very much like their first few years of training. As our level of skill and age changes, we must change how we train to get the best results. Therefore I emphasise that “Training is not just about the techniques and syllabus, but HOW WE TRAIN and WHAT WE ARE SEEKING in the drills that matters the most.” This is particularly so with the Black Belts of 3rd degree and higher.

David McQueen Laoshi (Rangiora) with the assistance of Mr Rob Wilson (Lincoln) worked the 1st grades hard to assess their strength and endurance. We reviewed the four directional and concept patterns to standardise and refine them with the help of Mr Wai Hoe Chan (HQ). Master Lord (HQ) took the senior Black Belts through their weapon drills, while Master Simons (Dunedin) took the rank and file through their Di Tang, Suai and Chin Na drills. Ms Suyi Chan (Sydney) shared her physiotherapist knowledge with a session on stretching for our training needs.

The rank and file students had a good opportunity to practice with the Black Belts in the Speed, Timing and Distancing drills. The Black Belts also worked hard on their energy releasing in their strikes and kicks as well as their sensitivity drills of listening, following and neutralising.


Annual Black Belt Grading

It is the time of the year to announce the list of candidates invited by the Council of Masters to grade to 1st degree or higher. They have been recommend by their respective Laoshi after consideration of the technical standard, good conduct, attitude, regular attendance, participation and teaching duties.


1st degree:

Sarah Jamieson                          HQ

Kirsty Petersen                           Parklands

James Scott                                Parklands

Adam Richards                           University

Ken Hutcheon                            Lincoln

Paul Hooper                               Lincoln

Nigel Stanton                             Spreydon

Julia Dryden                              Dunedin


2nd degree:

Scott Martin                               Nelson

Alicia Harrison                           Winton

Helen Haigh                               Sydney

Daniel Cox                                 Spreydon

Joseph Van Zoomeren               North Shore


Congratulations to all invited. You will be receive an application form and information on about the requirements for the grading. Best wishes for your preparation.

It is important that all students try to attend the grading to take part, help and learn from the event. This is particularly important for the higher intermediate and advanced students as your participation will be monitored for consideration for your future progress.

We have our Annual Dinner and Awards after the grading. The Dinner will be at 5:30pm, North & South Gourmet, Addington Mall, 300 Lincoln Rd. $35 per head, $20 for 9 year olds and under. BYO only (corkage may apply). Branch members please book tickets through branch instructors.

The Awards will be at 7:30pm onwards, HQ - Woolston Club, 43 Hargood Street: turn right at the main entrance, drive around to the Bowling Pavilion. It is free for all Tai Chi and Kung Fu members. There is music and a cash bar available as usual. It is usually a very good night. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Overall, this has been a good year for training. Some branches have made great strides in growth and most students are making good progress. The Black Belts who are training regularly have also been sustaining their steady progress. It is very exciting that we are making strong headway in the right direction in all fronts.

May Chi be with you,

Grandmaster SC Chan





10th Oct:                                 Canterbury TC Ex Grading

14th Oct:                                 Canterbury KF Grading

24th Oct:                                 Canterbury & W. Coast combined training

28th Oct:                                 Wellington KF Grading & Seminar

29th Oct:                                 Wellington TC Grading & Seminar

10th, 11th & 12th  Nov:          Canterbury SOTC Instructor Camp

18th Nov:                                Dunedin KF Grading & Seminar

19th Nov:                                Dunedin KF Grading & Seminar

24th Nov:                                Annual BB Meeting

25th Nov:                                Annual BB Grading, Dinner and Awards

5th Dec:                                  Canterbury TC Ex Grading

9th Dec:                                  Canterbury KF Grading

22nd Dec:                               HQ Last regular training