Since 1975, Grandmaster Seng Chee Chan has taught a unique brand of Martial Arts in New Zealand to growing following of students.


Our Mission

To spread the unique benefits of healthy and positive Martial Arts. To uphold the morals of Loyalty and Honour.

Training Over the Years

Chans Martial Arts and Shao Chi Chuan has evolved over the years. Training methods and techniques have always been focused to be the most efficient and effective with the least possible risk of injury to the body as well as the mind. Using the most recent scientific findings we try to encourage the positive development of the mind and body in our training.


Sydenham HQ


Shao Chi Chuan - Kung Fu

Grandmaster Seng Chee Chan coined the term Shao Chi Chuan (Small Ultimate System) when he developed this system of Kung Fu. Shao Chi Chuan was created when Grandmaster Chan discovered that many traditional martial arts that he had trained over the years were found to be too difficult to learn in a reasonable timeframe, that a lot of the training methods were not beneficial and sometimes detrimental to a person’s mental and physical health.

Under this new system Grandmaster Chan instills the important protocols of respect, loyalty and honour found in traditional martial arts yet promotes a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere in training where techniques, skills and strategies are based on scientific reasoning and his many years of martial arts experience in other martial arts such as traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and many more.

Shao Chi Chuan is proven to be an extremely effective martial art that all of our students enjoy training. It keeps people healthy and fit, and the mind strong and focused. Those who want to pick up useful self defence skills can do so in a short amount of time and those who wish to dive deeper can discover a lot of depth in the intricacies of a powerful, unique, and holistic martial arts system.


Shao Chi Chuan

Blackbelt Grading

Sing Ong Tai Chi

In 1996 Grandmaster Seng Chee Chan began training under Tai Shi Yek Sing Ong when he was introduced to him in Auckland. Grandmaster Chan is now one of Tai Shi Yek’s top instructors and has many other Sing Ong Tai Chi instructors and students under the Chans Martial Arts umbrella.

Our aim with Sing Ong Tai Chi is to promote Tai Chi as a martial art that enhances physical and mental health, and to nurture the right qualities and morals for our students and instructors. We hope to propagate Tai Chi to the world so that everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset and philosophy in order to better enjoy life spreading peace and hope throughout.


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