KF Newsletter 2016-5

Annual Black Belt Grading


This years grading was held at the Woolston Club, Bowling Pavilion. It was an excellent venue with plenty of space and good ventilation. Those in charge were very efficient in their various duties of organising groups of students to fight the candidates, first aid, materials and tidying up. The dinner at the Joyful Restaurant was excellent and we had close to two hundred people attending the awards function afterwards at the Woolston Club. It was a very good night. The candidates did well overall and all of them were promoted to their new ranks. 

1st degree:

Mr Mike Barthelmeh - HQ

Mr Daniel Dunne - University of Canterbury

Mr Ricky Tiong - University of Canterbury

Ms Corrin Vedder - Invercargill North

Mr Doug Haselden - Lincoln

Mr Scott Connelly - Lincoln

2nd degree:

Linus Lim Laoshi - Sydney

Mr Chris Allan - Lincoln

Mr Robert Wilson - Lincoln

3rd degree: 

Mr Wai Hoe Chan - Kelburn / HQ

George Pope Laoshi - Winton

4th degree: 

Kelvin Joyce Laoshi - Parklands

Andy Lane Laoshi - University of Canterbury




22nd Dec: Last day of regular training at HQ

4th Jan: Normal training resumes at HQ

14th Jan: Prof. & Mrs Wally Jay’s birthday Hawaiian party

28th & 29th Jan: SOTC Level 2 Instructors’ Retreat

11th Feb: Auckland GMC KF & BB Seminars

18th Feb: Canterbury KF Grading + Advanced

21st Feb: Canterbury TC 6 & 5 Ex Grading

25th & 26th Feb: Picton* & Regional KF & TC Seminars & Gradings

4th Mar: Canterbury & W. Coast combined training

17th, 18th & 19th Mar: SOTC Auckland Student Camp

25th & 26th Mar: Wellington* KF & TC Seminars & Gradings

8th Apr: Canterbury KF Grading

11th Apr: Canterbury TC 6 & 5 Ex Grading

22nd & 23rd Apr: Wellington* KF & TC Seminars & Gradings

Special Awards

Alan Logan Laoshi received a special award generously contributed by Mr Alistair Kidd, for his services to Chans Martial Arts this year. 

Ms Monika Mazurek-Finch was the deserving winner of the Penelope Lake Trophy for her spirit and effort in training even though there were other good nominations.

Jeff Humm Laoshi from HQ was promoted to 1st degree for his incredible spirit and efforts in teaching. He started training as a child when our main class was at training at Heaton Intermediate. He left training and but returned to train at Parklands branch and then at HQ during the last decade.

Ms Linda Miller and Mrs Michelle Clarkson were both promoted to 2nd degrees for teaching, making equipment, renovating the old HQ and for the thoughtful cakes and cookies at gradings and tournaments.


Training in the holidays

I would like to remind everyone to think about security when travelling, and leaving the dwelling with security arrangements. It is also important to eat and drink sensibly during the festive season as no amount of training can negate over indulgence.

It is best to stretch every morning before breakfast. Tai Chi Exercises and forms daily would be beneficial. Those who do not practice Tai Chi yet should go through the limber up routine, practice a few forms and some specialty techniques every day. This way you will come back primed and ready to hit the ground running. Even though this has been a tough year we have been making very steady progress. Next year should be a very good one if we can keep the momentum going. I for one am looking forward to much more improvements in the new year

Best wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year.
May Chi be with you,
Grandmaster SC Chan 2017