Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is practiced for health and self-defense. Our schools offer classes where people of all ages and abilities are able to learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great way to relax and exercise at the same time. Students who train regularly enjoy a great number of health benefits such as reduced muscle tension, improved posture, better blood circulation, balance, stability, coordination, ease of movement and faster recovery from injury. All of these benefits can lead to a better quality of life.


Learning Tai Chi is fun and rewarding, we believe it to be one of the greatest treasures of the Chinese culture. Beginning your training with us under one of our many experienced instructors will set you on a journey of self-discovery and insight. We believe we have the training methods, knowledge and coaching to pass on the skills of the art which can elude many practitioners.

We believe wholeheartedly that simply learning more moves in Tai Chi is not learning good Tai Chi. This is why when learning Tai Chi a good understanding of fundamental principles is so important.


Class Training

When teaching Tai Chi to our students we focus a lot of attention on the accuracy of movement. This becomes the foundation and framework for which we build everything on. The Laoshi or one of the assistant instructors may take students aside for more individualised help where they will assist with the correction of body posture, stances, and movements.

Enjoying training is the key to improvement, without enjoyment it is impossible to gather the drive and focus to train Tai Chi Chuan well. In class we encourage a friendly, relaxed environment where our members can enjoy each others company as well as share their learning. To reap all the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan one should aim to train once a day, when one enjoys training then practicing Tai Chi will not become a chore.

Our Schools

In our schools we believe that a kind attitude, being humble and respectful is important above all other things. We rely on our instructors (Laoshi - Teacher) to share their skills and knowledge but we also rely on our training partners; Those who are more experienced (Shi Xiong - Older Brother, Shi Jia - Older Sister) as well as those who are less experienced (Shi Di - Younger Brother, Shi Mei - Younger Sister). In our classes it is custom to bow to the Laoshi upon arrival, at the beginning of class and at the end to show respect.

Our Lineage

The founder of Tai Chi Chuan is said to have been created by the ancient Chinese martial artist Zhang Sanfeng. The style of Tai Chi Chuan we train was then further developed by Yang Lu Chan, the founder of the Yang style. This style of Tai Chi Chuan was taught to Professor Cheng Man Ching and onward to Professor Huang Sheng Shyan. Professor Yek Sing Ong was one of Professor Huang’s top students and studied closely under him for more than 30 years.

Your Laoshi is one of many who has been trained by Chan Laoshi either directly or indirectly at one of the many Chans Martial Arts centres and has been graded to Instructor level under guidance by Michael Yek (Shi Ye) - Chief Instructor, and Professor Yek Sing Ong (Tai Shi Ye) - Founder.

Our instructors are trained and closely supported by Chan Laoshi as well as Shi Ye and Tai Shi Ye through regular local seminars and Instructor seminars and camps which are held by Sing Ong Tai Chi.



The Six Exercises
        (For Relaxing Tendons and Moving Joints)

The Five Exercises
        (For Relaxing the Body)

The 42 Step Combined Form

Basic Pushing Hands

Fixed Pushing Hands

The 37 Step Short Form

Free Pushing Hands

The 108 Step Yang Long Form

Straight Sword Form

72 Step Huang Sheng Shyan Form

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