Shao Chi CHuan

This system of Kung Fu is relatively easy to learn and use because of the unique syllabus. Students begin with a less demanding and more practical syllabus which then leads to a graduated scale of physical and mental intensification.

All our self defence techniques deploy biomechanically sound principles and are reinforced using positive psychological teaching methods. The result is the elimination of excessive physical and mental stress which is omnipresent in many conventional martial arts.

The system is evolved from classical styles which enables people of all abilities to utilise powerful self defence techniques. Our aim is for all our students to enjoy training and become healthy, fit and strong while practicing in a way in which minimises injuries.


We believe in a positive learning environment where students are able to train at a level which they are comfortable with. The training drills that our students do are designed for effective combat while reducing the chance of impact and biomechanical injuries. With repetition students are then able to ‘switch on’ the body and enhance neuromuscular activity. We aim to improve the students coordination, concentration, temperament, health and work ethic.


Our Schools

In our schools we believe that a kind attitude, being humble and respect is important above all other things. We rely on our Laoshi (teacher) and his or her assistants to share their skills and knowledge but we also rely on our training partners; Those who are more experienced (Shi Xiong - Older Brother, Shi Jia - Older Sister) as well as those who are less experienced (Shi Di - Younger Brother, Shi Mei - Younger Sister). In our classes it is custom to always address our Laoshi as Sir or Ma’am and bow upon arrival, at the beginning of class and at the end.


Coming to classes regularly is the surest way to ensure you are improving and progressing in your training. Students should aim to come to two classes a week and if possible do extra bonus classes if they are available. It is important to maintain attending these regular classes, it is not as effective to do binges of concentrated training over a short period of time. It is understood that in this day and age with most peoples busy lifestyle that attending all available classes is impossible all the time. This is why we advise students to set their training goals realistically.

As students advance through the ranks the need for regular home training becomes more and more important. We recommend most students to have a light session of at least five minutes a day. This can consist of stretching and working on a specific technique or form that needs improvement. This home training should be taken just as seriously as regular class training with the same effort and focus. Only then can significant progress be seen.

Rank and Promotion

Our most important goals in training the martial arts are to practice effective self defence, improve and maintain health and fitness, and enhance personal development. As students improve and gain more knowledge about the principles and intricacies of Shao Chi Chuan we invite them to participate in grading examinations. This allows us as instructors to assess the students skills under regulated conditions and give useful feedback regarding their performance. Once the student has graded one portion of the syllabus they are then taught the next portion where they can continue to develop more advanced skills.



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