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CMA 19-03 20th Sept 2019

Annual Camp in Nelson

We had great weather on the weekend in Nelson. The venue was the biggest and best located we have ever had. It was a luxury for everyone to complete quite a good number of combinations before having to turn around. Mr Findley, the camp commander and his excellent team ran everything brilliantly without drama. All of the feedback we had so far have been very complimentary. 


What we worked on at Camp

After 44 years from the founding of Chans Martial Arts and around 40 years of camps, we have evolved from practicing hard traditional martial arts to Shao Chi Chuan: a modern stress free system, based on Tai Chi Chuan principles.

Currently, we begin by immediately teaching new students the basic principles so that they have the optimal bio-mechanical advantage. As the students have more natural and controlled movement, they are taught to use less and less physical effort to produce power in their techniques. Ultimately, we use almost no force but only utilise ‘Yi’ (intent) to produce ‘Jing’ (internal energy), exactly as in Tai Chi Chuan.

The benefits of using ‘Jing’ are: 1) It requires very physical strength. 2) It is extremely quick and explosive. 3) It is difficult for the opponent to see it being generated. 4) It has little residual momentum, hence enabling very quick recovery. 5) It is very flexible in angels & range. Therefore, it has virtually unlimited attacking & defensive options. 6) Finally, it is the most effective way to activate the vital pressure points of the opponent.

We have some of our senior members on the cusps of entering this zone. This means that CMA is very close to fulfilling my aspiration for SCC, ie to truly be the practical interface between Shaolin Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan.

Shao Chi Chuan not only has exceptional effectiveness, it also saves the practitioner from the most common martial arts injuries. It also enables the person to continue to improve regardless of age. We certainly have a very bright future ahead.

Next year we will look forward to having Annual Camp in Invercargill, dates are on the website so plan early.


Raffle for Champion Crusaders Rugby Ball

We thank Mr Jeremy Elrick for donating the ball and our members who bought the raffle tickets or made generous donations to the Mahmood family. We sold 200 tickets and we had several large donations from generous Chans Martial Arts members. We have also included the profits we made this year from the sale of the Entertainment books. In all we raised over $1700. This is not including the cash donations we collected over the Queens Birthday Weekend seminars and tournament plus the collections from Lincoln branch we are able to pass on a grand total of $4879. A video of the draw is posted on our Facebook page.

Dr Haroon Mahmood was killed in the March Christchurch terror attacks. He tutored economics and statistics at Lincoln University from 2014-2016. He also lectured business studies at Linguis International in Christchurch from 2014-2017. He was at Canterbury College and gained a PhD in Finance at Lincoln University. 

His two children Ahmad (12) and Izzah (11) are green tips students at our Lincoln branch. I hope we will continue to love and support Ahmad and Izzah to become good Kung Fu seniors in the future and pay particular attention to fight racism, bigotry and extremism.


Candidates for Black Belt Grading

Some of our requisite for Black Belt upgrading are 1) Technical skills and knowledge of Shao Chi Chuan, 2) Physical & mental strength & endurance 3) Good conduct and attitude, 4) Attendance, participation and contribution. After very careful deliberation the following are invited to be candidates for this year’s Black Belt Grading. 

1st Degree:

Craig Fisher - North Shore, Auckland

Daegal Hodgson - Nelson

Carl Beuke - Kelburn, Wellington

Lexi Clarkson - HQ

Lois Bason - HQ

Zane Thompson - HQ

2nd Degree

Ms Amanda Ellis - Parklands, Christchurch

Mr Malachi Soper - Blenheim

We wish to congratulate them for being invited to grade. It is a big honour and yet they have a great deal to work on to meet the required standard on the day.

All senior students are expected to take part in this very important event from 10:00am on the 30th of November at HQ. All are invited to the Annual Dinner which will be held at the Jolly Seafood Restaurant, please purchase your tickets early as they sold out last year. The Annual Awards will be at HQ at 7:30pm, no tickets are required to attend the awards.

May Chi be with you,

Grandmaster SC Chan



1st October:

Canterbury TC Ex Grading

5th October:

Canterbury KF Grading

12th October:

China trip begins

30th October:

China trip ends

2nd November:

Dunedin*, Nth Zone KF Grading & Seminar

3rd November:

Dunedin* TC Grading & Seminar

9th November:

Wellington KF Grading & Seminar

10th November:

Wellington TC Grading & Seminar


29th November:

Annual BB Meeting

30th November:

Annual BB Grading & Awards


10th December:

Canterbury TC Ex Grading

14th December:

Canterbury KF Grading

20th December:

HQ last day training

2019 Annual Kung Fu Camp - Nelson

2019 Annual Camp (August 23rd-25th) will be held at Nelson College for Girls Gym, (400 Trafalgar Street, Nelson City.)

The College is about 10 minutes drive from the Airport, and within walkable distance of the centre of Nelson.

There are plenty of accommodation options catering for all costs in Nelson including backpackers and a range of hotels. Many of these are located on or around Rutherford/Trafalgar Streets which border the College Gym. Please book your accommodation soon, as there are often large tourist groups which come through Nelson, even in August.

Currently there are cheap flights to and from Nelson from all the main centres (around $39 each way) so book your flights now.


Please fill out a seperate form for ALL individuals.

1) Activities will commence Friday the 23rd August at 6:00pm and conclude Sunday the 25th August at 12 Noon

2) Camp fees are:

Early Bird (Fees must be deposited by August 2nd) - $160

Regular Fee (Fees must be deposited by August 23rd) - $200

Note: We reserve the right to deny any students camp applications for reasons such as lateness.

3) Applications must be submitted and paid for through direct deposit or cash to the Chans Martial Arts Ltd account by the due date or application is void.

4) Students of all grades over 8 years old are welcome, but students under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

5) Please pack personal clothing, a rain jacket, toiletries, uniforms, safety gear, and Non-marking training shoes and running shoes. Bring your protective gear and body shield.

6) A light lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided on Saturday, as well as, morning tea on Sunday.

7) Dinner on Saturday night, Miracle Asian Restaurant 200 Hardy Street. $32 per person, prepay with direct deposit into the same CMA account. Please indicate in the form whether you require 1 or 2 seats (Bookings will only be made once payments are received).

8) Arrange your own accommodation and organise your own transportation to and from the accommodation.

9) Visitors to Nelson - Please indicate below if you need transport to and/or from the airport.

10) Members who will have a car in Nelson - Please indicate below if you can assist in transporting visitors to and/or from the airport.

Any issues, please contact Mr Chan E: or camp commander Mr Rowan Findley E:


Check the camp list for your name and whether your details are correct. Only enrolments with fees paid in full will be put on the list. If your details are incorrect or missing and you have paid in full please contact Mr Chan (