2019 Annual Kung Fu Camp - Nelson

2019 Annual Camp (August 23rd-25th) will be held at Nelson College for Girls Gym, (400 Trafalgar Street, Nelson City.)

The College is about 10 minutes drive from the Airport, and within walkable distance of the centre of Nelson.

There are plenty of accommodation options catering for all costs in Nelson including backpackers and a range of hotels. Many of these are located on or around Rutherford/Trafalgar Streets which border the College Gym. Please book your accommodation soon, as there are often large tourist groups which come through Nelson, even in August.

Currently there are cheap flights to and from Nelson from all the main centres (around $39 each way) so book your flights now.


Please fill out a seperate form for ALL individuals.

1) Activities will commence Friday the 23rd August at 6:00pm and conclude Sunday the 25th August at 12 Noon

2) Camp fees are:

Early Bird (Fees must be deposited by August 2nd) - $160

Regular Fee (Fees must be deposited by August 23rd) - $200

Note: We reserve the right to deny any students camp applications for reasons such as lateness.

3) Applications must be submitted and paid for through direct deposit or cash to the Chans Martial Arts Ltd account by the due date or application is void.

4) Students of all grades over 8 years old are welcome, but students under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

5) Please pack personal clothing, a rain jacket, toiletries, uniforms, safety gear, and Non-marking training shoes and running shoes. Bring your protective gear and body shield.

6) A light lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided on Saturday, as well as, morning tea on Sunday.

7) Dinner on Saturday night, Miracle Asian Restaurant 200 Hardy Street. $32 per person, prepay with direct deposit into the same CMA account. Please indicate in the form whether you require 1 or 2 seats (Bookings will only be made once payments are received).

8) Arrange your own accommodation and organise your own transportation to and from the accommodation.

9) Visitors to Nelson - Please indicate below if you need transport to and/or from the airport.

10) Members who will have a car in Nelson - Please indicate below if you can assist in transporting visitors to and/or from the airport.

Any issues, please contact Mr Chan E: hq@chansmartialarts.com or camp commander Mr Rowan Findley E: chansnelson@gmail.com


Check the camp list for your name and whether your details are correct. Only enrolments with fees paid in full will be put on the list. If your details are incorrect or missing and you have paid in full please contact Mr Chan (hq@chansmartialarts.com)

Newsletter 2019-2

Chans Martial Arts News

CMA 19- 02 3rd June 2019

Annual Seminars 

It was weekend of atrocious weather with heavy rain and freezing temperatures. It prevented some of our students and instructors from the West Coast to come over as both passes were closed. However, we still have very good participation for both Tai Chi Chuan and Shao Chi Chuan seminars. We even have a few from Sydney, Invercargill, Invercargill Central, Winton, Timaru, Nelson and Wellington with the majority from Canterbury.  

In Tai Chi Chuan, we discussed the importance of understanding the concepts, as soon as the 6 & 5 exercises are learnt and how we monitor the structure and movements by feel. In the 42 Form we concentrated on sinking and Yin & Yang separation of the moves.

For the instructors, we discussed the syllabus and how to be a good Laoshi and how to practice two parts of the 37 Form accurately. We also worked on some basic pushing hands drills that will help the understanding and development of the necessary skills progressively.

We pointed out that Shao Chi Chuan is not just a collection of techniques. It is based on classical Kung Fu principles that should be understood and interpreted as scientifically as possible. First, we have to understand the techniques before developing the skills. Starting from: stances & angles, centre control, sequential action, leverage, relaxing, breathing, flowing, wave & pulse, internal energy, to finally, pressure points.

We practiced some basic techniques using these principles and the worked on the five ways to ‘close the gap’.

At the instructor’s session, we also discussed what makes a good Laoshi. We then worked on how to derive internal energy or ‘Jing’. We talked about how to train the forms and then practiced hands sensitivity drills.



This year we had a 40% increase in participation overall due to the hard work of the instructors. There was also a very good number of supporters attending. 

I explained that our tournament is not like the other sports competition, especially most other combat sports competition. We want to test our techniques, fitness, strategy, nerves and most important of all; our conduct as a Kung Fu practitioner. We should endeavour to be brave & strong yet fair & kind. A good Kung Fu person is humble and magnanimous. We should never celebrate excessively, brag about our victories, we must accept defeat with dignity and with a positive resolve.

We are happy that the safety gear, rules and officiating resulted in only one minor fracture besides the expected common bruising. The techniques of the fighters who fought in previous years seem to have improved. The youngest competitors certainly showed great promise for the future.

It is especially pleasing that the conduct of the competitors were very good. This is very important as any bad behaviour always leaves a distaste for future participation by all concerned.

The judges, referees and all the other officials did a sterling job running the tournament more efficiently than ever. They deserve a very big thank you.

We believe the tournament will get even bigger and better next year as our membership is growing strongly at HQ and many other centres. 


The Results

Patterns Competition: 

Youth Division: 

Champion: Ben Hamilton-Skurak - HQ

Second: Kaitlyn Stevens - Lincoln

Third: Tomas Coberger - HQ

Intermediate Division:

Champion: Max Sinclair - Winton

Second: Isileili Paris - HQ

Third: Bruce Hamilton-Skurak - HQ

Advanced Division: 

Champion: Anthony Pyers - Kelburn

Second: Lexi Clarkson - HQ

Third: Daegal Hodgson - Nelson


Fighting Competition:

Children < 8yrs < 25kg:

Champion: Jake Harris - HQ

Second: Olive Hughes-Yee - HQ

Third: Krish Chettri - HQ

Children < 10yrs < 30kg:

Champion: Nathan Roy - Lincoln

Second: Luke Stevens - Lincoln

Third: Sabrina Li - HQ

Children < 10yrs < 48kg:

Champion: Gabriel McGrody - Lincoln

Second: Ollie Glover - Lincoln

Third: Olive Harris - HQ

Children < 12yrs < 32kg:

Champion: Leo Byron - North Canterbury

Second: Kyle Spriggs - Parklands

Third: Ethan Franks - Parklands  

Youth < 13yrs < 49kg:

Champion: Ben Hamilton-Skurak - HQ

Second: Tomas Coberger - HQ

Third: Trae Davis - West Melton

Plate Winner: Lucas Faulkner - Lincoln

Girls < 14yrs < 49kg:

Champion: Sophie Lee-Broome - Hornby

Second: Bridie Blundell - HQ

Third: Abbie Haselden - Lincoln

Youth < 57kg:

Champion: Braedon Murdoch - Spreydon

Second: Michael Planner - North Canterbury

Third: Poppy Cuthbert - Lincoln

Youth < 15 < 66kg:

Champion: Kieran Reed - Lincoln

Second: Moa Jarrari - HQ

Third: John Doyle Simms - HQ

Women < 66kg:

Champion: Lexi Clarkson - HQ

Second: Emma Haselden - Lincoln

Third: Rose Neal - Lincoln

Youth < 16yrs < 73kg:

Champion: Dylan Blundell - HQ

Second: Reuben Clarkson - HQ

Third: Andrew Levy - Lincoln

Plate Winner: Leif McGuinnety - West Melton

Youth < 17yrs < 66kg:

Champion: Jonah Jarvis - HQ

Second: Joshua Brink - Hornby

Third: Max Sinclair - Winton

Plate winner: Reinhard Woltersdorf - Hornby

Mens < 80kg:

Champion: Ben Francis - HQ

Second: Matt Newby - North Canterbury

Third: Luke Gordon - University of Canterbury

Mens Intermediate < 87kg:

Champion: Dougal Gilroy - Papanui

Second: Peter Tan - University of Canterbury

Third: Troy Keen - West Melton

Mens < 99kg:

Champion: Bruce Hamilton-Skurak - HQ

Second: Adam Baker - Sydney

Third: Isileili Paris - HQ

Mens Open: 

Champion: Brad Turner - Hornby

Second: Jose Tuhoro - HQ

Third: Scott Goodsir - North Canterbury

Black Belt: 

Champion: Anthony Pyers - Kelburn

Second: Tommy Ley - Lincoln

Third Equal: Theuns Verwoerd - University of Canterbury

Third Equal: Jeremy Elrick - HQ



We thank our members and visitors attending the weekend events who made generous donations to the Mahmood family. We raised $550 over the weekend for the family, if you would like to make a donation do contact us as we are still collecting money.

Dr Haroon Mahmood was killed in the March Christchurch terror attacks.

Dr Mahmood tutored economics and statistics at Lincoln University from 2014-2016. He also lectured business studies at Linguis International in Christchurch from 2014-2017. He was at Canterbury College and gained a PhD in Finance at Lincoln University. 

His two children Ahmad (12) and Izzah (11) are green tips students at our Lincoln branch. I hope we will continue to love and support Ahmad and Izzah to become good Kung Fu seniors in the future.

One of our Black Belts is a paramedic in Christchurch. He was one of the first on the scene of the Linwood Mosque to help the survivors. He believed that his training helped him cope with the traumatic situation at the time, even though it affected him badly for weeks afterwards. He has good support and is quite good now.

We must not tolerate racism, bigotry and extremism of any sort that will lead to this kind of terrorism.


Annual Camp in Nelson

Our annual camp this year will be on the 23rd to 25th August at the Nelson College for Girls Gym. It is one of our most important event of the year and is eagerly awaited by students and instructors alike. This should be as rewarding as ever. Please check our website to enrol as soon as possible for the best fees, accommodation and flights.

We have a great few months training before camp. I hope you all will work on the points covered at the seminars. Best wishes and see you at the seminars or camp in Nelson.


May Chi be with you,   

Grandmaster SC Chan




11th June:

Canterbury TC Ex Grading

15th June:

Canterbury Adv. KF Grading


6th July:

Sydney SOTC Seminar

7th July:

Sydney KF Seminar

13th July:

Canterbury Ladies Self Defence

20th July:

Auckland KF Seminar

27th July: 

Nelson KF Grading & Seminar

28th July:

Nelson TC Grading & Seminar


6th August:

Canterbury TC Ex Grading 

10th August

Canterbury KF Grading

23rd, 24th & 25th August:

Annual Camp - Nelson


14th & 15th September:

Christchurch SOTC Seminar

28th September:

Wellington KF Grading & Seminar

29th September:

Wellington TC Grading & Seminar