Newsletter 2018-5

CMA 18-05 3rd Dec 2018


Black Belt Grading

The grading was one of the biggest we have had in recent years. The candidates were well conditioned and showed a lot of tenacity and spirit. There was a good demonstration of skill and power by Mr Dave Lane. Overall it tested the candidates strengths and weaknesses to show where their focus should be in their training. 

There was great support from Black Belts, rank and file students, friends and family. The students who participated enjoyed the experience and were inspired by it. A number of former Black Belts and students made special effort to attend the event. Among them are Mr Rino Adair and Mr David Kennedy who have decided to come back to training.

We had a few serious matters to discuss at the annual instructors meeting. We are holding steady overall but if all instructors make those changes suggested, we should have a great future. Some classes are growing strongly and we have a healthy number of younger students developing very well. The two new teenage 1st degrees is proof of that.

The dinner was sold out of the 140 tickets. It was delicious and enjoyed by everyone. We had even more people at the awards party at HQ. There were good speeches by Master Kinney and instructors of the candidates. The following were awarded their ranks. Mr Paul Hooper was awarded an honorary 1st degree because of his efforts over the years and his unfortunate medical condition that prevented him from grading again.

3rd Degree: 

Mr Dave Lane - HQ

2nd Degree:

Mr Nic Weaver - Lincoln
Mr Scott Martin - HQ
Dr Tze Ying Chan - Kelburn
Mr Ben Nimmo - Kelburn
Ms Richelle Curugan - Lower Hutt
Mr Mike Spekreijse - Lower Hutt
Mr Matthew Nauschutz - Lower Hutt   
Mr Morgan Fitzgerald - Parklands

1st Degree:

Mr Jeremy Elrick - HQ
Mr Ryan Bucknell - HQ
Mr Manu Francois - HQ
Mr Gareth O’Connell - HQ
Mr Clayton Davies - Lincoln
Mr Clive Horn - Lincoln
Mr Tommy Ley - Lincoln
Mr Alan Falloon - Kelburn
Mr Brian Aitkin - Spreydon
Mr Jack Fensom - Parklands
Miss Cora McCauley - Lower Hutt
Mrs Karen Phillips - Lower Hutt
Mr Manuel Mendoza - Lower Hutt
Mr Tyler Van Niekerk - Lower Hutt
Ms Ruth Peszynsky - Dunedin
Mr Paul Hooper - Lincoln

Congratulations to you all. I hope you will continue to train hard and progress to become even better in the years to come. It will be even better if you are able to help spread your skill and knowledge to others when it is appropriate.


What is Shao Chi Chuan?

Many of our people still have varying ideas of what Shao Chi Chuan is. This uncertainty often stifle their training and frustrate them in all their efforts to enjoy training.

Shao Chi Chuan is a UNIQUE Kung Fu system that is based on stress free training. We want to use sequential action and total body balance for optimal efficiency.

At the more advanced level, we work on the separation of Yin & Yang in our body. Then we focus on developing ‘soft’ internal energy, as opposed to the ‘hard’ internal energy of Shaolin. We then use it in all our moves including pressure point techniques. The ultimate goal is to use as little physical effort as possible in all ranges of combat. Therefore, our system is very special.

Of course, in the beginning the training may at times look similar to what other martial arts practice. However, as the student progresses, the principles and special features must be appreciated and highlighted to achieve the higher levels of performance.


How do you become a good martial artist?

1) First of all, you have to have the desire to be good. You have to be motivated.

2) You have to be humble and have an open mind. “Keep your mouth shut and ears open” is very good advice by teachers through the ages. Never say, “I know…” as if you know so the senior or Laoshi will not explain further. Always hear them out before asking questions.

3) You have to be polite in how you frame your questions. Seniors and teachers are human and can be put off if you are impolite and will be less inclined to help you in future.

4) You have to work hard and be regular in training. You cannot succeed if you do not enjoy training regularly. Just eagerly learning lots of information does not translate into skill.

5) You have to stay fit and healthy. Without good health all the knowledge and skills are useless.

6) You have to listen to your Laoshi’s advice. Doing it your own way is usually the less efficient way of developing your skills. Use their experience to plan your training.

7) Finally, you must enjoy training. A real martial artist above everything else enjoys training. Promotion, victories, awards, fame and a big following are nothing if you do not enjoy training. Only if you enjoy and keep training that you can have unlimited improvement.  


Christmas holidays

I like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you will keep safe and not be stressed in preparations etc. Take time to stretch and train a little every day till we get back to regular classes.



May Chi be with you,
Grandmaster SC Chan