2019 Professor Leon Jay Seminars

The Professor Leon Jay seminars (Small Circle Jujitsu) will be hosted by Grandmaster Chan and Chans Martial Arts in four NZ locations:

Auckland: Saturday 2nd March (1pm - 4pm)
Richmond Road Primary School (113 Richmond Road, Ponsonby)

Wellington : Sunday 3rd March (2:30pm - 5pm)
Maungaraki Community Hall (135 Dowse Dr, Maungaraki)

Invercargill: Saturday 9th March (10am - 1pm)
Ascot Community School (580 Tay St)

Christchurch: Sunday 10th March (1pm - 4pm)
Chans Martial Arts International HQ (Bowls Pavilion - 43 Hargood St)

Professor Leon Jay is a 10th degree in Small Circle Jujitsu and inheritor of the Small Circle system. 

Professor Jay is also an 8th degree in Ryukyu Kempo, and has earned black belts in other systems. Professor Jay has been training in martial arts at his father’s dojo since 1968. Professor Jay is based in Surrey, United Kingdom where he instructs many quality students and travels the world teaching in each of the styles mentioned. Professor Jay is also an accomplished competitor in Judo and Jujitsu, and an Expert in Self Defense and Grappling. He is very experienced in Teaching Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians how to quickly gain control in an altercation.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn from Professor Jay as the last time he travelled to New Zealand was some 10 years ago.

The seminars are open to all Chans Martial Arts members whether you are training Kung Fu or Tai Chi Chuan. Members of the public (not currently enrolled) are also invited to attend.

Please fill out a seperate form for ALL individuals.

1) Seminar fees are:

Current CMA Member Attendance of ONE seminar (Fees must be deposited by February 28th) - $120
Current CMA Member Attendance of TWO seminars (Fees must be deposited by February 28th) - $200
Current CMA Member Attendance of THREE or FOUR seminars (Fees must be deposited by February 28th) - $250

Current CMA Member Attendance of ONE Seminar (Door Ticket) - $150

Member of public or not enrolled Attendance of ONE Seminar (Fees must be deposited by February 28th) - $180

Note: We reserve the right to deny any students seminar applications for reasons such as lateness. Seminar fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless legitimate reasons such as medical condition etc.

2) Applications must be submitted and paid for through direct deposit or cash to the Chans Martial Arts Ltd account by the due date or application is void.

3) Students of all grades over 10 years old are welcome, students under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

4) Students are required to attend in proper uniforms (TC or KF), and Non-marking training shoes.

5) Arrange your own accommodation and organise your own transportation to and from the seminar location.

Any issues, please contact Headquarters E: hq@chansmartialarts.com