2019 Queens Birthday Seminars and Tournament

Seminar and Tournament Form

As per tradition this years Annual Tournament weekend will be held on Queens birthday weekend (June 1st and 2nd)

HQ in Christchurch will again be holding all the events this year since it worked out so well last year (Bowls Pavilion - 23 Compton St, Woolston, Christchurch)

Tai Chi and Kung Fu Seminars

These annual seminars are important to attend for all students from beginners to advanced. Seminars are always great for students coming together to meet and catch up with other students from other branches around their region, NZ and overseas. However the value you derive from attending seminars can be of the utmost importance, a slight tweak in your training and attaining a bit of useful information can give you an epiphany that can make a drastic change in your training outcomes.

Grandmaster Chan will be presenting and explaining some very important methods of training this year at these Kung Fu and Tai Chi seminars that you DO NOT want to miss out on.

Advanced ranks (red and above) will be expected to attend as well as all Instructors and assistant instructors (TC & KF).

Kung Fu Tournament

Tournaments have been gaining more and more momentum in the last couple of years and it is expected to keep growing this year. There will again be two categories for tournament this year: Fighting competition and patterns competition.

Entry to the fighting and patterns competition will be strictly by invitation by your Branch Chief Instructor. If you are invited by your instructor and decide to enter you are obliged to compete with dignity and honour.

We are only several weeks from the Tournament weekend however you should still have plenty of time to prepare. If you were to start some regular conditioning work now (15-20 mins a day) and keep attending regular classes you should be prepared for Queens Birthday weekend.

A portion of regular classes will be allocated to train specifically for Tournament fighting. All students will be involved whether they are going to compete or not. Advanced students should all consider competing unless injured.

Remember that tournament fighting is only a limited method of fighting and is not fully realistic, however the spirit of competition can teach you a lot about yourself.

June 1st Saturday - Seminars
9am - 11am (Tai Chi)
11am - 12:30pm (Tai Chi Instructor & Assistant Instructor)
2:30pm - 4:30pm (Kung Fu)
4:30 - 6pm (Kung Fu Black Belt)

June 2nd Sunday - Tournament
9am (Weigh In)

Seminars ($35 Each)
Discounted options: Two seminars ($60), Three seminars ($85), Four seminars ($100)

Fighting competition ($30)
Patterns competition ($30)
Patterns & Fighting ($50)

All forms must be collected by your branch instructor. HQ will not be taking seminar and competition application forms directly.

Competition applications MUST be checked and signed off by branch instructor.

Competition entries will NOT be accepted after the due date (24th May)

Seminar and Tournament Form