KF Newsletter 2018-3

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CMA 18- 03 8th June 2018


Annual Seminars

The Tai Chi Chuan seminar was attended by about seventy students and instructors. It was basically a summary of Professor Yek’s seminar in Auckland a few weeks ago touching on mental preparation & sustained focus, relaxing the heart, spirit, Yi, body, limbs, muscles & joints, back alignment, stretching, Ren & Du channels, the 5 bows & Jing. We took time to clarify the confusion over substance versus weight, practised the 6 & 5 exercises, 42 form and ‘listening’ in pushing hands.

In the Instructors session, we worked on Yi in the 37 form, revised some moves in the 108 form and the new sword moves for the Level 1 instructors. We also talked about the right attitude in practicing pushing hands drills, particularly when attacking and neutralising. 

The Shao Chi Chuan seminar was also attended by over seventy students and instructors. We talked about mental preparation, focus, feeling, balance, breathing & timing. We practised basic techniques in the standard combinations, some Small Circle techniques & footwork in Chin Na using minimal physical effort. We also talked about the daily five minute supplementary training.   

In the Black Belt session, we discussed what is required for the training of Nei Gong. We practised the Labyrinth form, the Circle form and listening, attacking & neutralising in circling hands.



In spite of the miserable weather, we had one of the best tournaments in recent times. We had about the same number of entries for fighting in the tournament as last year but there were a good number of Black Belts taking part in the Patterns competition, which made it more interesting. It was very beneficial for those taking part as they could test the new ideas taught at the seminars in their performance. We will probably expand the Patterns competition into three categories for Black Belts next year. It will be: 1) Labyrinth form, 2) Circle form & 3) Weapon form.

The fighting competition was even better than last year as even most of the junior grades were showing good tactical skills. The average technical skills were better again. This is an indication that the general class training drills are working well. It is most pleasing that there were very few injuries and that everyone competed with courage, honour and dignity.

The judging were very consistent and accurate on the whole. The referees did very well with their difficult assignment. The directors, coordinators and other officials again did a very efficient job running the tournament. Those given the unenviable task of judging the patterns for the first time also did well. We will make this easier with better judging guidelines next year.

The awards ceremony was a small event because of the bad weather and most people were very tired from an action packed weekend. Many thanks to Mr Logan for organising everything. Next year we will have a dinner & award afterwards at the same venue so it can be held earlier.


Tournament Results

Children Lower Intermediate Patterns:
Champion - Tomas Coberger - HQ
2nd - Maya Ricciardi - Nelson
3rd equal - Anna Coberger - HQ
3rd equal - Rose Chappell - HQ

Children Intermediate Patterns:
Champion - Isla Howell - HQ 
2nd - Alexander Lau - Spreydon

Intermediate Patterns:
Champion - Rudy Rupp - HQ
2nd - Reuben Clarkson - HQ

Advanced Patterns:
Champion - Manu Francois - HQ
2nd - Jeremy Elrick - HQ

Black Belt Patterns:
Champion - David McQueen - Nth Canterbury
2nd - Dave Lane - HQ 

Children < 10yrs < 35kg:
Champion - Rose Chappell - HQ
2nd - Shaoli Williams - Parklands
3rd - Olive Harris - HQ

Children < 12yrs < 40kg:
Champion - Aimee Planner - Nth Canterbury
2nd - Stella Bloomfield - Nelson

Children < 12yrs < 57kg:
Champion - Tomas Coberger - HQ
2nd - Moa Jarrari - HQ

Children < 14yrs < 41kg:
Champion - Braeden Murdoch - Spreydon
2nd - Abbie Haselden - Lincoln
3rd - Oliver Planner - Nth Canterbury

Youth < 15yrs < 47kg:
Champion - Leif McGunniety - Spreydon
2nd - James Day - West Melton
3rd - Michael Planner - Nth Canterbury

Youth < 16yrs < 63kg:
Champion - Jonah Jarvis - HQ
2nd - Max Sinclair - Winton
3rd - Fiach Gahan - Lower Hutt

Intermediate Men < 76kg:
Champion - Ben Francis - HQ
2nd - Kim Neal - Lincoln

Intermediate Men < 90kg:
Champion - Troy Keen - West Melton
2nd - Dougal Gilroy - Papanui
3rd - Zinta McGunniety - West Melton
Plate - Ben Francis HQ

Intermediate Men Heavy Weight:
Champion - Jose Tuhoro - HQ
2nd - Zane Thompson - HQ
3rd - Brad Turner - Hornby

Advanced Men < 75kg:
Champion - Manu Francois - HQ
2nd equal - Nick Scott - Papanui
2nd equal - Clayton Davies - Lincoln

Advanced Men <87kg:
Champion - Ryan Bucknell - HQ
2nd - Jeremy Elrick - HQ

Women < 66kg:
Champion - Lexi Clarkson - HQ
2nd - Rose Neal - Lincoln 

Black Belt < 73kg:
Champion - Victor McCarthy - West Melton
2nd - Daniel Cox - Spreydon
3rd - Nic Weaver - Lincoln


Ladies Self Defence

We are having our annual Ladies Self Defence seminar from 2:00pm to 4:30pm on Saturday the 16th June at HQ. We will have the assistance of several instructors and Mr David Joker, a highly trained Police officer. There will be no charge for members (please wear uniform) and their immediate family. It is $20 for the public. Sweat shirt, track pants & sneakers for non-members. 

All attending have to register by the 14th June (e-mail chans@chansmartialarts.com).


Sydney Camp

Sydney Camp is 14th & 15th July. Michael Shiye will be teaching Tai Chi Chuan on Saturday the 14th and GM Chan will be teaching Shao Chi Chuan on Sunday the 15th.

All of the training/dining locations are within a 17 minute walk from the Central Station.

Tai Chi Seminar: "The Ambassador's Room", The Embassy Conference Centre, 826 George Street, Chippendale 2008, NSW

Kung Fu Seminar*: "Banksia Room", Metro Aspire Hotel Sydney, 383-389 Bulwara Road, Ultimo 2007, NSW

Contact Suyi Laoshi (Reply to chans@chansmartialarts.com) with any questions or for advice on where to eat and what to see during your stay in Sydney.

There are many instructors and students who have enrolled to attend this camp already. There are a few who attend this event every year. We urge those who are available to consider coming to attend as the whole weekend is most enjoyable. Students and Instructors of all ranks and experience levels are most welcome.


Annual Camp

Our annual camp will be organised by Master Marcus Simons and to be held on 24th to 26th August in Dunedin this year. 

This is one of the most important events on our calendar, we aim to standardise our techniques and introduce upgrades. We also assess the senior students to see if they are to be invited for upgrading at the end of the year. Besides it is always a great to catch up and train with old comrades, compare notes and meet new ones.

https://goo.gl/forms/yIuZtVwKToLRj1p52 - Go to this link to find out all the information and to enrol.

http://chansmartialarts.com/news/2018-annual-kf-camp - This link will show the list of camp attendees.

It is very encouraging to see the development of our teaching methods and syllabus showing very noticeable improvement in both the instructors and students. It is obvious that our schedule of grading, seminars and camps is really working well. If we continue to work positively through the rest of this year, we should achieve a few very important goals. 

Good training depends on many factors. One of the most important is the environment in which we train. More important than the suitability of the training hall is atmosphere of the class. It is vital that everyone is happy, positive and respectful of one another. If we have that, then training has a good chance to produce excellent results. Otherwise, even with the best facilities and technical information, training will not produce and sustain anything of substance. I quote Professor Yek: “…you require a very high level of martial art morality before you are able to defeat others without a battle.”

I hope everyone will not only train daily but reflect on being more than just skilful and be a truly humble and respectful martial artist.


May Chi be with you,
Grandmaster SC Chan





16th June: Ladies Self Defence at HQ
23rd June: Canterbury & Regional KF Advanced Grading
26th June: Canterbury TC Ex Grading

7th July: Kids Day Out at HQ
14th July: Sydney SOTC Seminar
15th July: Sydney KF Seminar
28th & 29th July: Nelson KF Grading & Seminar

7th August: Canterbury TC Ex Grading
11th August: Canterbury & Regional KF Grading
24th, 25th & 26th August:Dunedin Annual Camp

22nd & 23rd Sept: Canterbury SOTC Grading / Seminar