KF Newsletter 2016-3

This years camp will be held at St Peter’s College, Newmarket, Auckland on the 26th of this month. We have about one hundred students and instructors attending. Over the last forty one years we have evolved greatly in how we train. With the sum of over fifty years experience in training and exchanges of ideas with some of greatest martial arts exponents in the world I have finally distilled my martial arts ideas to its present form in the last few years. It is radically different from what we were training even five years ago. At this camp I will try to explain our goals and technical direction so that you can appreciate and enjoy the full benefits of the system.

Chief instructors should be preparing nominations of candidates for Black Belt grading immediately after their assessment at camp. As usual we will look at technical ability, attitude, maturity and commitment.

A few of our new and old branches have shown excellent signs of progress. West Melton, Timaru  and Winton are three of our newest branches which are showing great potential. Other branches have been fielding a range of well trained lower intermediate students for grading which is a sign of excellent systematic development. 

We have to move out of our HQ at Wilsons Road North to the Woolston Working Mens Club on Harwood Road from the 26th September. We will work on finding a more permanent solution in time. We will need a hand from Canterbury students for the move. 

We are also planning a large garage sale and Auction to dispose of some of our unwanted household items, equipment, etc.

Those attending camp please bring your own body shields if you have one. If you do not have one try to borrow one from your branch instructor.

Work on the three parts of the side kicks and see you at Camp.


May Chi be with you,

Grandmaster SC Chan