KF Newsletter 2016-1

Dear members,

This year the months have raced by with some drastic changes. Master Bruce Lord, Megan and Cameron tragically lost Michelle Lord their wife and mother. It is a shock to everyone who knew this wonderful person. We will continue to give our support to Master Lord and family for as long as they need.

On the positive side, Dr Dominic Moran has started the Timaru branch and Mr John Avei the West Melton branch. Mr Alan Speck has taken over as the Nelson branch instructor as Mr Scott Martin has to work in the UK for a period of time. Our best wishes to the respective instructors and their students.

The students’ progress at the recent Canterbury grading indicated that the instructors are teaching the syllabus well. 

It is important that we are training consistently with correct intensity for optimal health lately. Even students in their twenties can experience hip and knee issues with incorrect technique and loadings. Therefore, it is important that the correct alignment, stressfree technique and a regular stretching regime is maintained for good muscular and joint health. This is particularly important for those who are over forty years old. 

On the subject of stretching, it is useful to understand how stretching actually works in order to get the best results. This article which was brought to my attention by Mr David McQueen explains how the method that I have been teaching for a few decades works. http://breakingmuscle.com/mobility-recovery/stretching-doesnt-work-the-way-you-think-it-does

If we do not train or exercise three or more times a week for at least thirty minutes a session we should be classified as ‘inactive.’ Exercise is also vital to our mental as well as physical health.

We must have good nutrition and rest even if we train well. Excessive indulgence in sugar, carbohydrates, fats, alcohol and other substances cannot be trained away. Excessive fat in the body produces more cortisol with each little niggle and causes more inflammation. Excess weight also causes greater stress, wear and tear on the joints and is also the precursor to diabetes, liver, kidney and cardiovascular issues. 

Therefore, we ought to train regularly, eat and rest well. It is only when we are in good physical condition that we can truly enjoy Kung Fu and have a productive life.

We have our Annual Seminars and Kung Fu Tournament coming very soon. In Kung Fu we will focus on a few points which will be very helpful for students who need to improve their side kick and total body balance. We will work on more pressure points and close range fighting for the Black Belts. As for Tai Chi we will work on forms, push hands and qi flow for the more advanced.

Tournament is an opportunity for students to test some of their skills. The emphasis is on good technique, fighting spirit, sportsmanship and honourable conduct. Those who do not wish to compete can still benefit from the training and in supporting the event. We also have a tournament prize giving party at HQ that evening.

Please note that the Kids Day Out event for Canterbury has been changed to the 9th of July. It is advised to book flights for Auckland Camp as soon as possible.

Finally, instructors should take time to discuss the issue of bullying. This can occur in schools, at work, at home, on the internet and even in training. The most important thing for everyone is to not ignore it and allow the victim to bring it into the open. Bullies need to know that their actions are deplorable and that we will stop them.

May Chi be with you,

SC Chan

Chans Martial Arts