KF Newsletter 2015-3

Dear members,

The annual camp in Queenstown was excellent. The weather was very kind and the commander Mr John Titter and assistant Mr Jeremy Parkhill and others ran things very efficiently. Being the 40th anniversary year, most senior instructors made special effort to attend. We had one hundred and twenty participants. 

Everyone seemed to have a good time training and socialising with old and new comrades. The scenic location helped with the spirit in training. The instructors who helped with leading, teaching and assessing were outstanding in their efforts. 

Many stayed for a few more days skiing, snowboarding and sight seeing. I am sure everyone will be keen to come back to camp at this location in a few years time.

We worked on our fundamentals to be more efficient with the lines and timing. New stop-hit drills were introduced to the lower ranks. The Black Belts worked on balance, sensitivity and adhering. They were also assigned some more pressure-points moves to study. An important message at camp was to take good care of our body regardless of our age. It is like taking good care of a new car as soon as you take delivery so that it will have a long and useful operational life.

Most branches are holding their own or are growing strongly. The instructors are increasingly better tuned to guide the students in their training and make classes more productive. It is especially pleasing to see everyone improving steadily at all levels. 

In the last forty years there has been massive changes in the martial arts globally. On the positive side, there has been a proliferation of many new martial arts as well as more exposure to some obscure old ones and there are more people practising martial arts than ever.

However, on the negative side, a large proportion of gyms or clubs concentrate solely on competition and do not hold the old formal codes of conduct or decorum with any regard. Sadly, now we have thousands of ‘keyboard warriors’ displaying their disgusting attitude on the internet whenever discussing any kind of martial arts. Egotism and arrogance are more often than not a sign of ignorance and/or insecurity.

Humility and politeness were the hallmark of martial artists in days gone bye, but a challenge to one’s honour was not to be taken lightly. Of course we should no longer duel to the death but we should still back up what we say and conduct ourselves with the proper protocol and respect. Firstly, you have to respect yourself and secondly, you treat others with respect to earn their respect. We ought to train in order to be a better person and a credit to society.

Finally, we are inviting the following to grade this year.


1st degree:

Keith Van Niekerk - Lower Hutt

Rick Connelly - Lincoln

Tim Kennett - Invercargill

Steven Taylor - Invercargill

Aldous Kelly - Greymouth

James Helem - Greymouth

Blair Andrews - Blenheim


2nd degree:

Mr Bevan Wilkinson - Papanui

Mr John Avei - HQ

Ms Suyi Chan - Sydney

Mr Rowan Findlay - Invercargill

Mr David Good - Ponsonby


3rd degree:

Mr Philip Marshall - Kelburn

Mr Cody Hopkins - Hornby

Mr Luke Murdoch - Spreydon

Mr Tim Smith - Newmarket

Mr Rob Wilson - HQ


4th degree:

Mr Kin Chan - North Shore

Mr Kelvin Joyce - Parklands


5th degree:

Mr Paul Reid - Parklands 


6th degree:

Master Bruce Lord - HQ


Best wishes and see you all at the grading and 40th anniversary dinner.

May Chi be with you,
SC Chan
Chans Martial Arts


Coming Events

* SOTC - Auckland Seminar 

  26-27th Sept. Register through instructors.

* West Coast Training Day Trip     

    3rd Oct. Leaving HQ at 9am. 

*Canterbury - KF Grading

    17th Oct Sat

* Canterbury - TCC Ex. Grading    

    27th Oct Tue: 7:00pm

* SOTC Senior Instructors 

   Retreat - Lake Tekapo

    24th, 25th & 26th Oct

* Wellington Gradings / 


    1st Nov Sun 11:00am 

* SOTC Instructors Camp -  

    6th, 7th & 8th Nov

* Dunedin & Regional

    KF & TC Gradings/Seminars

    14th & 15th Nov Sat & Sun 

* Annual BB Meeting

   27th Nov 7pm 

* Annual BB Grading & 40th 

  Anniversary Dinner

   28th Nov  

* Canterbury - TCC Ex. Grading    

    8th Dec Tue: 7:00pm

* HQ - Last Regular training & 

    Barbeque 19th Dec Sat

* HQ - Skeleton Class 

    22nd Dec Tue KF 5:30pm

    TCC 7:00pm

* HQ - Skeleton Class 

    29th Dec Tue KF 5:30pm

    TCC 7:00pm

* HQ - 1st Regular Class

    4th Jan