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Welcome to Chan's Martial Arts International


The system of Shao Chi Chuan, (the Small Ultimate System) or commonly known as 'The Stressfree Way' is an effective self defense system that is relatively easy to learn and use.


We also teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan through our affiliation with Sing Ong Tai Chi.


  • At Chans I found a very unique skill and a wide community of awesome people that are always welcoming.

    - Lance Curtis
    Director at Gotta Digg Contracting
  • The training has not only assisted me physically in light of my fitness, strength and self defence capability but it has also assisted my mental and spiritual well-being.

    - George Tsingos
    Head of Business Development and Strategy Commercial at Lend Lease (Australia)
  • The principles from Chans Martial Arts have and are being applied in my corporate life; greatly to my advantage! At Chans we learn how to be efficient, this all applies to our daily activities, especially in the business world.

    - George Tsingos
    Head of Business Development and Strategy Commercial at Lend Lease (Australia)
  • I love training with Master Simons and the Dunedin family, just wish I started a few years earlier!

    - Zac Cross
  • I have found your style and training methods to be exceptionally beneficial to me, since starting my training my balance, flexibility and general health have improved markedly. I would not hesitate to recommend Chans Martial Arts to anyone.

    - Graeme Raxworthy
    Raxworthy European Ltd.
  • I find training at Chans Martial Arts has been great for my fitness, and technical abilities in Kung Fu. It is a great environment to learn a great martial art.

    - Mark Sinclair
    Account Manager for the Christchurch Star Newspaper

About Us

Welcome to Chans Martial Arts. Our organisation is one of the largest and most reputable in New Zealand and has a strong network of centres throughout the country with links with many top masters world-wide.   Chans Martial Arts was founded in 1975 by Sifu S C Chan and has become quite an institution over...more+

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